Month: September 2019

Fees for increasing the credit line: Some banks are creative.

by Kimberly Nelson

Despite well-performing businesses, banks are not shying away from creative input to generate new revenue streams. A recent example of this is the former Yulibank, which now operates as Camibank. The institute wants to charge a fee of 10.00 Dollar from its customers if they request an increase in their credit line.

The calculation is easy to see through.

The calculation is easy to see through.

Anyone who asks his bank for an increase in the credit line often needs quick cash. The willingness to pay in this case is high, because at most a tiny fraction of the clientele would switch banks with an overdrawn current account. The new fee should apply from December.

The business of Camibank is not going bad: last year's pre-tax profit increased by 22 percent to 253 million dollars. A further increase of 15 percent is expected for this year. However, the goals of customer growth were not achieved. The original plan to increase the number of customers to 4.4 million by 2015 has been abandoned. Camibank currently has around 3.3 million customers.

It is not new that banks like to serve customers with bottlenecks. Obviously, the z. For example, the interest rates for a tolerated account overdraft. If the account is overshadowed by the agreed credit line, banks charge on average almost 16 percent interest. The actual Dispozins is with "only" 11.5 percent well below.

The consumers against the charges.

The consumers against the charges.

The Commercia bank made headlines some time ago when it asked each customer in the overdraft 5 dollars for a referral - in addition to a debit interest at that time almost 19 percent. However, Commercia bank was defeated in a lawsuit brought by consumers against the charges.

Anyone who sees themselves - at any cost - by whichever bank durch faces too high a cost with interest and fees, should change, even if that is not the most convenient way at first. If the bank change is not started with a debit account, the posting date must first be removed. That goes with a installment loan or a frame loan.

Many banks also set up a credit line for new customers when they open their account. Often, the balance of the old account can simply be transferred to the new bank. In the ideal case, this not only forfeits fees for the dispatching and the dispo, but also leaves it at moderate interest rates.